Rockin’ on RED Friday

One thing I love about our  Porch, is that we don’t wait for official holidays to roll around before we honor or salute, pray and spend time thinking about our Military and Veterans.

I have a certain Green one on my mind and in my heart, along with a Snake and Devil Dog and his Amazing A Team among a few others,  It’s been ages since I heard from a few of them, and often pray for them not knowing where they are or when they will be able to come home.

Today I think I’ll think of them by making this a Rockin’ RED thread, especially since we don’t usually post a lot of rock music here.

So, as you all pray for our troops, share a favorite song or quote, Bible verse or thought about our boys and girls who sacrifice so much so we don’t have to.

As for me, I’m always praying for the day I hear those words from my best friend,

God bless and watch over all our deployed Troops, keep them safe and let them feel Your presence wherever they are dear Lord. Thank you. Amen.


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