Nuggets of Wisdom

Are folks getting the idea that I love listening to sermons and apologetics forums?

While I do love a good sermon, I find forums and talks the best for learning and gleaning nuggets of wisdom in a way that we can take away and not only apply in our own lives, but in conversations with others we meet or talk to.

I came across this yesterday, and it’s a little different not just because it is presented by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, but the topics is a mix of culture, politics and ‘religious’ issues facing our society today.  It’s interesting and never ceases to amaze me how God can bring three men together from different backgrounds and have such a harmony in truth. I’ve always loved the funniness of Foxworthy, the common sense of Prager and the absolute wisdom of Zacharias.

I hope you all enjoy this and find it chalk full of truth and wisdom as much as I do.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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