Jesus Among Secular Gods

Folks here know I really like Ravi Zacharias’s teachings, but it goes deeper than that.  I have been an avid “follower” of Ravi for about 20 years. God gifted not just Ravi with a quick and brilliant mind, but the world over has been gifted through his logic and sharing truth and relevance of God’s Word for 50 years.  To think what would have been never been through Ravi’s gift of apologetics, and his Christ like gentle disposition towards people of all faiths and cultures, had Ravi succeeded in killing himself as a teen and not found Christ.  To me, his life proves that God moves in mighty ways in the lives of those He has plans for.

Last month, Ravi was at the University of Florida along with Vince Vitale gave a talk and Q & A on Jesus among secular gods.  As usual, this is long, but wow, some great nuggets of wisdom from both of them, and worth listening to the Q & A afterwards.

Please pray for the ministry as they are finishing up on a mission to the university as a follow up to that event, giving a week long series of lectures, teaching and sharing the gospel of Christ.  U of F is is one of the largest single-campus universities in the US, home to 50,000 students and over 150 research centers and institutes. The mission field here is huge.

I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday, and hope folks will take a couple of hours (with ample breaks) to listen to this amazing teaching.

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