The Power of Change (Movie time!)

It’s been a while since we had a movie here, so while I can’t promise I can find movies every week, I thought folks would like one again.  This one is old, and most likely been seen already by most folks, but even if you’ve seen it before, like I have, it’s well worth watching again (all the swingin’ hippy stuff and hokey music and all).

The first time I saw this, the typically dated music and acting quickly faded while the story of real life troubles and the timeless story of redemption was told.   The Cross and the Switchblade is an amazing story of the power of change that only Jesus Christ can accomplish.

Please take the time to watch, especially though if you never heard the true story of New York gang banger, Nicky Cruz and how a preacher never gave up on the miracle to reach troubled teens….

Bonus feature, Nicky’s testimony from a few years ago…

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