Red Friday

Well, after again wracking my brain, trying to come up with an interesting Red Friday thread, and thinking about some of the ideas lawngren threw out at me last night, I still haven’t yet got anything much.  While it is true as he said, I do have the military on my brain lol- but it’s not always easy to come up with something to write about, especially the latest goings on, when it comes to our deployed troops or those always at the ready.

I used to write a lot of politics, and I still have a lot politically on my mind, but I don’t see the point anymore about writing certain things while dragging politics or my opinions into things. However, I am still aware and watch what goes on in some places in the world, particularly the Middle East and North Africa, as so much that is going on could be looking at things in a Biblical perspective, not just current events in the world.

One of the many passions I’ve had politically for quite some time is how policies effect our military, and especially in the case of the last 8 years of Obama’s terms, how detrimental so much of the policies, interaction and meddling in other countries, “inheriting” war and the ROE that were implemented over the years.  Downsizing of our forces after withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, yet still keeping some presence “Boots on the ground” in dangerous areas have done much to change not only perception of other nations towards the US, but also our ability to be ready for the next war.  There are some currently serving men and women who’ve been hard at it since shortly after 9/11 and others who’ve been in multiple combat operations for the past 10 years.

So far, the Trump administration has changed some of the detrimental ROE, and has fought for more spending and needed supplies for our troops, so that’s a good thing- however still more needs to be done to help our military grow strong again after so many changes over the years.

While I know our troops are highly trained, dedicated and strong (mentally as well as fit) for the ‘job’s’ they’ve signed up for, the wars and rumors of yet more seem to march endlessly on and one has to wonder if they will ever catch a break- before they are wearied and used up, leaving green new recruits who’ve yet to meet combat.

This isn’t a rant, it’s not political, but it is the thoughts I’ve had for them for quite a few years now.  It may seem like a rant, and somewhat political, but most likely politically incorrect, and probably more being a naive civilian than anything else- because I just don’t know if our newer crop of troops will be able to handle whatever comes next.

I realize that wars, conflicts and skirmishes have been ongoing throughout history, yet with the last century being the bloodiest of all, the threats keep coming in an endless wave, as we get further into a new century.  Warfare is changing, yet it still requires dedicated, trained warriors who have gone through a sense of losing themselves to become a unit of one.

A few years ago I wrote about the social changes during Obama’s administration.

The U.S. military has always stressed the importance of team and each has their basic training techniques of tearing down the individual to build up a soldier, airman, sailor or Marine- all individual but of the same team mindset. In the military becoming as one of the team means working with peers, not competitors. They rely on each other to get the job done.

Everyone has individual skills to add, yet being part of the team, each individual requires selflessness and an importance of holding high standards for everything from uniform dress code, character and behavior, to the demands of highly detailed missions.

Building the team mindset properly eliminates the individual mindset. It is the relationships, friendships and most importantly, the team trust built which save lives of our troops when they are facing combat and any other adverse situations. They are bound together not just as friends, but as brothers and sisters in arms, something which no civilian, no matter how knowledgeable about military operations can ever have. This strengthens the team because loyalty to each other is more important than individual wants and motivations. Team members know they can trust each other through any situation. Broken trust comes from putting individual before team which in turn destroys confidence. When a team has poor morale, it affects everyone and can get team members injured or killed.

While focus on team building and sacrifice of individual is replaced by social programs intent on dividing team into individuals, they no longer have a set team goal. Instead they are focused on individual wants, achievements and personal pride. United they stand, but divided, they will fall.

While I’m sure many of our latest recruits and boot camp grads are as capable and have the team mentality, I have to wonder still at the social changes which took place over the past 9 years, many of which continue still to this day.  My fear is with the transition of those hardy, proven warriors as they transition out, will the new be ready and able to undergo the same commitments as their predecessors? Will they be able to handle the long deployments, often times to multiple places as Syria, Russia, NK, Iran and other nations continue to build up weapons and armies?

Some may scoff and pass it all off as nothing more than saber rattling, and/or claim we have no dogs in those fights. Maybe that’s true to a point, but it’s still something to think about as the world continues to build up arms.

I appreciate our troops so incredibly much, and have a lot of respect for those who have the sense of duty to God, Country and Family that so many who enter the military do.  I just pray that no matter how much the world changes, that our military will be ready, adapt, and be strong enough to continue what those who have gone before have done to the best of what they have given.

God bless our troops, Keep them safe Lord.

Have a blessed day all, and I hope you have your RED on.

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