And if You’re Wrong?

When you deny God, there’s no moral law, there’s no meaning, there’s no hope; and if you’re wrong, there’s no recovery.”

There are many reasons given to why they believe what they do when it comes to people who claim they are atheists or agnostics. Whether they claim science, hypocrisy, or intellectual arguments prove there is no God or whether they don’t know if He’s real or not (usually given with a whole host of other objections and “if there really is, why” arguments) what it really comes down to for many unbelievers is self interest and personal gratification.  The thought of a personal God, especially that condemns sin is abhorrent and the thought of giving up self desires in order to live a ‘good’ life is unnecessary when they give the “I’m a good person” reason.

Many unbelievers say we don’t need a god to prove morality exists, yet they don’t have an answer to where morality comes from. They believe truth when it comes to Christ is not absolute, yet by claiming truth is not absolute, they are making an absolute statement- the same could be said for truth is relative. Is that an absolute or relative statement?    As long as they are good people, they have no reason to believe they would go to a place called hell, especially if there is no God.

The toughest part of being an unbeliever is that they have no answers to meaning and hope. To many of them, when asked what is the meaning or purpose for their lives it’s to do good and leave a better place for the next generation. While that’s a noble goal, and history does have it’s fluctuations between hard times and good, the world has been quickly spiraling downwards when it comes to morality, decency and plain common courtesy and sense.  While I’d like to leave a better world to any future generations too, I know that society is devolving and breaking down, and I doubt anything no matter how good and noble I could accomplish in my life will make any difference.  And hope… hope in what? Hope in a world which we won’t be a part of anymore is again, a noble aspiration, yet what kind of meaning is that, when we’re all born out of chaos, live “hopefully” good lives so we can die, become worm food, cease to exist- just so someone 100 years ago might find out that we did something good… that seems very depressing to me.

Don’t mind me, I’m in a strange mood right now, but it really doesn’t seem like there is much purpose in living without a belief or relationship with a God who loves us so much.

Posting the Narnia series yesterday, I don’t know if anyone watched them, or all of them, but the Silver Chair, I think, is my favorite out of those three they produced, specifically the character of Puddlglum the Marsh Wiggle. It’s funny that his character is so… cynical and yes, frustratingly negative and even on the depressing side, but when push comes to shove, he has the most hope of all, and isn’t afraid to exclaim it to that which would lie or deny that hope.

But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear  1Peter 3:15

Even when someone questions your belief, we need to give an answer to the hope that we have.  They may mock us for it, but if they believe they are right, what is it to them if we hope in something ‘make believe’?  We’ll all be dead and it won’t make any difference.  There is benefit to us whether they are right or not.

But what if they are wrong….

Once again, wise Marshwiggle…

I hope everyone has a blessed Monday and week!

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