Warrior Wednesday

Today’s Warrior Wednesday thread contains two cool items,

First up, nearly a year ago, I wrote about the 5 Sullivan Brothers from Iowa, who enlisted after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They all entered Naval training together and were on the USS Juneau which was sunk due to explosions after a Japanese sub struck the ship near the storage area of it’s ammunition supply.  While George Sullivan survived the blast, he later died by being attacked by sharks a few days before survivors were rescued. The other 4 brothers died on the ship.

Well, a couple of days ago, on St. Patrick’s Day, the crew of the Research Vessel Petrel, led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, located the wreck of the Juneau- nearly 2.6 miles beneath the surface in the South Pacific.

God bless our troops and Veterans, and those who have given all for our country.

The next story is one some may know and others might not, so I guess a little background information is in order.

Legend has it that back in the First World War, after the Battle of Belleau Wood the Germans supposedly dubbed the US Marines (who gave them a sound walloping),  teufelhunden which translated means, Hell Hounds. Whatever the truth may beThe devil dogs moniker stuck and Marines proudly still claim that title today.  So, what better thing to do to make use of the moniker than adopt a mascot?

Enter  King Bulwark or Jiggs as he soon came to be called- Sgt. Major Jiggs was adopted by Marine Corps commandant  and two-time recipient of the Medal of Honor, Brig. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, in 1921.  

Unfortunately the lifespan of English Bull dogs is not very long, and Sgt. Jiggs passed away (given full military honors) 5 years after being formally enlisted into the Marine Corps. Before his death, the Marine Corps mascot torch was passed on to Jiggs II, and ever since, there has been a new Mascot every few years.

The time has come for the Marine’s newest recruit- meet  Chesty XV ( A whole other thread could be written about legend Chesty Puller, but not sure I could write one without the use of Marine type adjectives 😀 )

I know it would most likely be seen as disrespect to the Marines, but I certainly mean none at all when I say, what an adorable doggeh!

Anyway, Chesty XV starts training next week to replace the retiring Chesty XIV, who will show him the ropes. According to a Marine spokesperson, Chesty XV will remain as ‘recruit’ until he gets promoted before he officially takes over as the Marine Corps mascot next year, and the Corps expects him to participate in his first parade event on or about July 6.  Oorah!

God bless our Troops and Veterans. Thank you all so much for your Service.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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