The Silence of God

We’ve all had times where we wonder where God is, and what He’s doing when times are so unsure and He’s so quiet.

The Saturday… between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.  I’ve never really thought about it before, but it’s something really to consider and contemplate.  As Christians we are so focused on the events leading up to the Passion and Cross, and the joy of His Rising, but what about the quiet time between?

Did the world and all it’s sin win?  Was it all a mistake?  He saved others, why not Himself and why did He not fight? Was He really Messiah or…

Despair, fear, uncertainty, doubt, anger, anxiety, gut wrenching grief, guilt and trauma.  Can you identify with any of those or all of those feelings all at once? I know I can. And I can only imagine how the disciples felt after they had seen their Rabbi, their friend, their Lord murdered and placed in the tomb, only to have it sealed and with Roman guards placed there.

What next? They had to be wondering that. Would they too be arrested for having been with Jesus? For being followers and friends? Would they be treated in the same manner, killed for associating with Him? And what about what He had taught? They didn’t understand why all of this had happened. He seemed to allude that He would be put to death, but why? Why did it happen and why didn’t He, if He was Who He claimed, why oh why did it happen…

Oh the agony of the unknown.  He’s dead. But He also said He would rise up again.  He brought Lazarus back from the dead, was it possible?? What now? Should they wait around, or maybe just go find some other place to settle for a while until all danger  blows over? But then what.  Oh the thought of never seeing Him again is too hard to bear, and the anxiety and grief comes in waves again. Washing over them like a never ending cycle.

But what if…

They had seen miracle after miracle. What if He really was going to come back to life? Would He be a ghost? Would more trouble come?  Do we believe His words enough to just tough out the next day or two?

The wait is horrible. The sadness of seeing His lifeless body up on that cross… grief and hopelessness… will anything ever be good again?

He promised… Do we believe?  We can do nothing but wait….

Put yourself in their places.  What would you do? What would be going through your mind?  I can’t imagine, and although I’d like to think after witnessing everything Jesus did in His ministry that I’d have faith enough to believe and remain hopeful after witnessing His torture and death, I don’t know that I’d have it. Sometimes things just seem so incredibly hopeless, and when God is quiet, He seems gone.  But what it really means is He is working out something behind the scenes that we can’t see on this side of things.

It’s an open thread- I hope all have a blessed and safe Saturday.

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