Lyrics of the Heart

Earlier this week I threw out an idea of finding just the right song to be the theme song of the Heart Beat.

We all love music, and so often music says things in ways which we have a hard time expressing ourselves. Whether it’s prayers, worship, fellowship, serious or just fun, we have a lot of all of those days here- and it’d be nice to have a song that matches our ‘porch’ qualities.

OK so here’s the deal. Since not everyone is able to see this on a weekend thread, we’ll have it going for a couple of weeks.  I think once a day, folks should post a song or two that you think would be great to describe this place and the folks who gather here.  Something that describes us, and how we love the Lord, and what He means to us.  Whatever you find fitting, post it throughout the next week’s threads, and I will try and catalog them for next weekend. Next Saturday we can have the first round of what everyone posted- not necessarily going to post the videos (that would really mess up the whatchumcallit- speed and the comment board) but I will post the list of songs- and we can vote for the top 5 of the week’s picks. Then we’ll do the same thing the next week.

And then, in the first weekend of May we will take the top 10 of the two weeks worth and have a music countdown to our top pick and runner up song to pick our theme song.

I know that seems like a long drawn out process but I do have a method to my madness 😉

I figure it will give us a couple of weekends of great music, give folks time to think of songs to share, and all who aren’t here every day to have a chance to add theirs. And, with May coming up, our Anniversary of our first official welcome post of the Heart Beat will be on May 11th.

So, Welcome and have a blessed Saturday!  It’s an open thread, but please post a few songs or lyrics to some of your favorites.

Here’s one from me to get us started….

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