Save a Place For Me

Matthew West is someone who’s music touches the very soul of me.  I admit I’m late to hear a lot of songs, and so often old songs that have been out for a number of years are brand new to me.  Sometimes I wonder if there is a time and place where we’re meant to “discover” them for the first time.

I discovered Matthew’s song, Save a Place for Me only a short time ago and it is the song of my heart for so many folks I miss.  The message behind his song is described back in 2oo7 on his blog.

We’ve had our Heart Beat porch open just shy of one year now, and while most times we’ve been light hearted and enjoying the peace and encouragement here, there have been times when we’ve had heavy hearts as folks have lost someone they love.  From Lawngren’s Dad’s passing, Walter’s brother, and now Pf’s brother Scott (his funeral is today)… and I’ve had to attend a couple more funerals over the last year as well since I lost Michael nearly 4 years ago.

Loss is a part of life, and some have lost more folks than any can imagine.  Loss is tough, and sometimes can just paralyze us.  We all have different ways of grieving, and there’s no set time to ‘get over it’ and let go. But the most important part of grieving our losses is the remembering.  No matter how much more of an ache in our hearts, remembering laughter, good times, goofy times and special times, it’s good to remember them.

I’ve had this on my mind for a few days now, and would like a special remembrance today for all of us who miss someone who’s gone… to tell our HB family a little about a those folks who’ve meant so much to us, and just remember them and remind them to,

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