Always Remember

For Observing Jews the official Holocaust Remembrance Day began at sundown Wednesday evening, but many people will be observing today on April 12.

Some things are so horrific it’s hard to think about, or see evidence of… and for many who survived, and even many who liberated those who were held in Nazi Camps have images and experience burned into their memories their entire lives.  It’s unimaginable the thought of existing in such inhumanity.

Some people deny, some excuse it and yet others question a god which would allow such evil to happen.

There is no denying the historical facts- stories of those who were there, who lost family, friends and neighbors, or of those who liberated emaciated men, women and children at the end of the war.  There is no excusing the genocide and human expermentation of the Nazi regime, nor of the systematical way of removing a race of people in ways which made the devil smile.   As for how could a god allow such a thing to happen…

God may have seemed to be AWOL to many who lived though it, but for hundreds of thousands of others, His miracles proved He was in control even if people didn’t understand.  Looking back through stories and geopolitical events in the decades since, His ways are a little more understood if one chooses to notice, and especially if one believes.

People wonder how goodness can come out of human tragedy and evil intentions, yet there are always pinpoints of light that has ways of shining even in the worst times.  Some people are made stronger through severe adversity and persecution, as we know from people like Corrie Ten Boom.  Forgiveness after the fact is a powerful testimony to the grace and mercy of God, and of people such as Eva Mozes Kor.

It was through the horrific experiences and genocide which brought about a homeland for Jews, and Israel becoming a nation again after thousands of years.  And for many years Jewish people the world over had a knowledge that the world was so horrified by the Holocaust, that they would never have to see such an evil again. Hence “Never Again”.

We need to always remember the ways in which over 6 million people died at the hands of evil, and honor the memories of those who died, and share the stories of those who survived.

The cattle cars are gone, and the camps silent except for the memories of those who visit and remember, but maybe by honoring those who died and lived through those experiences we can pray for those who are dying and surviving the newer wave of the same evil which bred the Holocaust.

Jews and Christians are starting to see the “Never Again” replaced with silence when it comes to persecution which is at an all time high against Christians and anti antisemitism happening in countries which ought to remember.  Yet God is still in control as He has always been, and the miracle which is the nation of Israel remains a testament to His power as much as the fact that the church is thriving in places where the persecution is the worst.

Please take some time to read some stories of survivors of the Holocaust today, and as you do, say a prayer for people suffering from the same hate and evil in our time. Let us never forget them either.


Never say you are going on your final road,
Although leadened skies block out blue days,
Our longed-for hour will yet come
Our step will beat out – we are here!

From a land of green palm trees to the white land of snow
We arrive with our pain, with our woe,
Wherever a spurt of our blood fell,
On that spot shall spurt forth our courage and our spirit.

The morning sun will brighten our day
And yesterday will disappear with our foe.
But if the sun delays to rise at dawn,
Then let this song be a password for generations to come.

This song is written with our blood, not with lead,
It is not a song of a free bird flying overhead.
Amid crumbling walls, a people sang this song,
With grenades in their hands.

So, never say the road now ends for you,
Although skies of lead block out days of blue.
Our longed-for hour will yet come –
Our step will beat out – we are here!

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