Red Friday Round Up

We have a few things worth noting, a good story Suffer suggested and maybe a video or two for today’s RED Friday Roundup.

It’s been reported that our military is facing a dramatic fighter pilot shortage, especially in the Air Force.  According to the article, the USAF ” used to have 134 fighter squadrons in fiscal 1989. By 2017, that had shrunk to 55 — a 59 percent decrease. This left the service with fewer squadrons where a newly-trained fighter pilot could obtain more experience.

Add to the shrinking number of pilots, there has been a sharp rise in aviation accidents over the past 5 years, resulting in the loss of 133 lives- including a tragic six  crashes which have killed 16 pilots or crew in only the past three weeks.  Part of the blame has been due to congressional budget cuts of 2013, non-stop deployments of warplanes and their crews, maintenance personnel leaving the service and deep cuts to pilots’ flight-training hours.

According to the article, there has been a sharp increase in incidents across the board from “minor” mishaps, to those which results in loss of life.

In our current world with ongoing conflicts and a seemingly never ending supply of jihadists and trigger happy dictators, this could have a serious and dangerous impact on our troops, navy and airmen as they take on more and more with a shrinking force.

Our military is in critical need of prayers for their safety not only in combat, but in daily work, for those in training, and for those who help train and support service members from other nations in the fight against terrorism.

Now, for a bitter sweet story Suffer suggested last night, an Arkansas sailor who died during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor was identified after his family submitted DNA five years ago to the U.S. Navy as part of its efforts to distinguish the remains of sailors.

Glenn Tipton was killed aboard the USS Oklahoma, a battleship that capsized in the attack by Japanese aircraft. He will be laid to rest with full honors when his remains are returned to his family .

OK so now some happy homecomings… per request from Heather. yes, break out the kleenex, paper towels or sleeves.  Daisy and Bruce might like the one at about the 3:30 minute mark, and the little girl’s reaction at the 7 minute mark cracked me up….

OK everyone, I hope you’ve got your RED on.  I’ll never stop lovin’ ‘my boys’.
God bless all our troops, wherever they are. Watch over them and protect them Lord.

Have a safe and blessed day all.

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