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Matthew West has always been a main favorite of mine since the first time I heard his song, More about 6 years ago.  Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the heart and soul of music such as his because of the reality and humanness of his lyrics.  The words of so many of his songs just reach into me and grab my soul making me either cry or smile even with the same messages.

Daisy knew I was thinking of doing another spot light article this week on Matthew’s music and found a great interview from a few years ago where he talks about putting the album The Story of Your Life together. It’s a great listen and I love the idea and motivation behind it.

While it’s true that God uses the hard parts of our lives to help others, there are millions of people who all have a story to tell… and he gave so many a way to tell theirs.

From the album, and the interview,

I love the messages that are woven through pretty near every one of his songs- that God is and always will be working in the hardest places to make us shine. More puzzle pieces of God’s perfected picture.

The ‘Heartbeat’ behind the music……

Have a blessed day all.

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