Too Much of a Good Thing

For his 7th birthday his Dad and I surprised American Boy with a trip to Disney World.  We didn’t tell him as we met Michael in the loaded car after being at our home school co op where we were going, just told him we were thinking of going camping and looking for a good place to go where we could also go fishing.  Disney is about 3 and a half hours away, so we had a lot of potential sites that he ‘found’ for us on the way.  We kept telling him, that looks pretty good, but let’s go a little further and see what else we can find.

The minute the boy saw the sign pointing to the Magic Kingdom, his eyes lit up and talk about everything being worth the look on his face when we told him “Happy Birthday son- this is your present“.  What made it even better was the fact that we booked 2 nights at the MGM Movie resort and his favorite Love Bug was parked right outside our door 🙂 Herbie were his favorite movies when he was little.

We had a blast and he got to meet and get his picture taken with Pooh Bear, shook hands with Goofy and saw all his Toy Story favorites at a hoedown.  I finally got my Mickey ears and so did he. Since I remember everything about going to Disney World with my parents when I was 7, I knew he was at an age where he’d always treasure that trip and remember it.

It wasn’t too long after that trip when American Boy wanted to know what heaven is like. He kind of seemed a little scared of the thought of the unknown parts of it.  While the Bible describes heaven (Revelations has 55 references alone), there is still so much that we could never imagine of what it really is like or will be when we get there some day.

When I tried to tell him what it would be like, I used things that he knew or had experienced, and tried to help him understand it will be a lot like Home.  I asked him how much he liked going to Disney a few months previous. His eyes lit up and he went on to describe all the things he loved.  When he finished I asked him, “Even though you loved it and had a lot of fun, it was good to get home wasn’t it.”  He nodded and said yes.  His familiar room, his toys, his dog, the yard… it was good to be home.

I told him that’s how we’ll feel about heaven.  It will be good to be home. Even though we don’t know yet exactly how it will be, it will be familiar and Home to us.

Life can be good.  For some folks, it might even be as much fun and excitement as Disney, but for most, it’s life with all the ups and downs, happy times, hurts, and everything seen and done during a long drive.

For those who are still discovering Disney, it might not be that they think about home quite as much, there is still so much to do and see and might not want to get home for a long time yet.  Others of us while still enjoying the trip, are getting weary and look forward to getting home.

Some folks feel that the excitement and fun of this world is worth having it all and wonder about the mental stability of those of us who talk about and look forward to getting to heaven.

But like spending time on good vacation, you realize that there is a point where you’ve had enough of a good thing and it’s time to get Home. Home is where our hearts are, and some of our hearts are longing to get there.

Have a blessed Week all.

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