Happy Anniversary!

Hello from Daisy

I’m not really a writer like American Duckie or like so many of my friends here, so as Duckie is reminding me, urging me to get something written for our anniversary thread,  she says to me “Thank you Faith so much for being part of this with me and taking a chance to get this going.”  I was dumbfounded as I couldn’t believe it last year when we finally decided to go for it and create this blog, I couldn’t have felt more excited and honored to be a part of it.

Where the Duckie is, there is good discussion, learning, friendship, community, sharing, kindness and love.  Being a part of something with American Duckie was something great!  What that something was going to be at the time was still sort of up in the air.   We knew we wanted this site to be  Christ centered and we wanted to remember and honor our Veterans and Military, but the details just weren’t there.  I think that was mostly okay with us because we were both familiar enough with blogs/blogging and trusted that God would lead in the details. And He did.  SJMom was a great help, praying, writing,  watching the blog, and always so encouraging.  Lawngren and Walt jumped right in also and have both written  many great articles. And Suffer was a blessing, always coming up with a fun open thread.

We slipped into a good routine until my daughter announced she was getting married and all things not Olivia or wedding related took a back burner in my life. God provided then too, with new folks coming around to help, encourage, comment and pray and I’m so grateful.

It was nice when I came back to see old friends and new friends, this place had become “home” to so many.  Some of you may have been miffed I was gone so long but if you were, I didn’t see or feel it, I only felt welcomed and loved when I came back.  I’ve just recently picked up where I left off and I feel bad my friend had  so much on her plate while I was gone.  But let me tell you something about my friend,  she never once made me feel bad about the time I spent with my daughter, or the difficulty I had returning  to anything online after being gone so long.  She’s a gem.  I never for one minute doubted or even felt like like I was “taking a chance” on this venture with her. She’s the real deal and in this world, that’s everything.  I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.

Thank you all for making this place what it is today, a loving community of Christians, studying, sharing and living the Word.  To God be the glory!!  Great things He has done!!  I love you and God bless you all.

Howdy from Lawngren

When I first got on facebook, I couldn’t see any point in it. I thought it was just for people who didn’t have enough to do. Then along came obama and suddenly I was scouring the internet for ways to help save America. One day I complained about the need for a third party, and a Duck sent a link to The Constitutional Freedom Party (“God and Country First”). That was the beginning of another type of life for me, that of political activist. We did our best, we took a stand, for at least several years. But after the elections of 2016, many of us gave up. Conservatives had won some battles, but the war wasn’t looking good, and we couldn’t measure our own achievements politically.

Then that same persistent, never-say-die Duck started a blog called “The Positive Heartbeat”, politics non-existent, with an appealing faith-and-friendship, patriotic hometown America flavor to it. 😀 I laugh from joy! As all participants kind of settled in and adjusted to the new tone, we became closer to each other. Others that I’d never met showed up, and now we’re neighbors. Electronic neighbors, but neighbors still.

When I’m on the Positive Heartbeat, I have the same feeling I did growing up, that of a friendly small-town neighborhood. I relax. I laugh. We listen to each other, we pray for each other, we learn from each other. We have a fairly wide variety of articles, great music and good photos, and a lot of gentle humor. It’s a great way to end my days. I hope it continues until the Lord returns! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Howdy from Suffer

Okay, I considered writing something like you see in the front of books, such as……

Positive Heartbeat? The best site ever! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer, you’ll pray. You may even get hungry. Don’t miss out on this one.

Bestselling Author of Blue Thursday and What’s On The Taco!
Then I remembered that I’ve never sold anything.  🙂
So I guess I will just go with this:

What has Positive Heartbeat meant to me? Maybe more than mere words can express. But I’ll try anyways.

It has been my go-to place since it’s inception. After tiring of all the political rhetoric on a couple or so other sites, I didn’t feel like chatting anymore. But this site was like a breath of fresh air, a refuge from all the hate and vileness. If I need prayers, I come here. If I need encouragement, this is the place. If I need sports news, I go somewhere else. If I need ideas for dinner, I’m sure to get some great ideas here. If I want to talk about animals, I just keep my mouth shut.

But seriously, a big thank you to Duckie and Daisy for blessing the internet with this glorious site. And thank you, God, for the family of believers who hang out here and call it home.

I love you all.


Hello from SJmom

First, I would like to thank and praise the Lord for giving Duckie and Daisy the plan for Heartbeat, the wisdom to carry it out and the grace to make all who come here feel at home. Heartbeat is truly a place for God’s family to gather and believers to discuss their faith. A special thanks to Duckie who, regardless of how busy she is, keeps this site up and running with her thoughts and articles. This site also wouldn’t have been possible without Daisy and her daughter Olivia who set it up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am also grateful to all those who have posted articles, for their words of wisdom and all those who comment. For me, Heartbeat is a home away from home where I come each day to learn how my “extended” family is doing and to read the wisdom of the day. May God continue to bless Heartbeat and please know I am grateful for each of you and pray God’s richest blessings upon all of you. Happy Anniversary Heartbeat!

Howdy from Walter

A year has passed since the Heart Beat started, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to yarn you.  I thank all who have read and commented on my efforts.  I do not shrink from the hard parts of history, it is the combination of good and not so good that makes up our colorful history.

I ask that I be allowed to continue to post what I see as important information, that history holds the key to so many of our nations ills.  Being a history student drives me to impart what little knowledge I can offer, perhaps that little piece of knowledge that helps us unravel and correct this drive to re-write the history of our Republic.  The most detrimental thing any one can do is to deny parts of our history.  If it were all sweetness and light it would still be necessary to correctly and honestly tell our story.  It has some rough corners, but it is still the best hope for mankind, one that recognizes human worth and the vicious side of this noble experiment called the United States of America.

Howdy from TXBullFrog

When I sit back and reflect on this past year, I am amazed at how quickly it has gone by. It seems like just a few months ago that the Heart Beat opened. I, along with several others, were so burnt out on politics. We were tired, stressed, and some like me felt like we had been run over by a truck. One night I get wind of a new site that had just launched by two of my friends. So being the curious guy that I am, I checked it out. What I found was my new home.

This is a home that is filled with amazing people who care about their friends. Imagine that, with all the negative nonsense in this world, I actually found some positive sense. Here we commune with each other. We laugh and get silly. We can get serious, but it is with a purpose. We talk about God and give thanks to Him. We even praise Him in word and song. We also pray. Do you have something that is bothering you? Send it out there, and you will have a team of prayer warriors taking your troubles boldly before the throne.

Each one of you mean so much to me. I honestly believe that I would be at my wits end if I didn’t have a place to get away from all the crazy. There is nothing that can replace what we have here. I pray that we can continue this mission of putting out peace and friendship for the next year and any that follow. You are family. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. God bless you all. ♥

Hello from Duckie

When I began trying to think of what to write for our 1st Anniversary thread, I figured what better way to measure the past year than starting at the beginning?  I re read Daisy’s and my first official welcome from one year ago to remind myself why we started.

A common thought and hope for our site and all who venture here ran through our minds and hearts, that which no politician, media outlet or any social justice activist can do- to give hope and encouragement and change hearts one beat at a time.

This place, we like to refer to as “The Porch” was meant to help give people a bit of a rest from the noise of politics and worldly rhetoric which is getting louder, and actually listen to, care about and encourage each other.

It was meant for a place of healing- the last election was an absolute mess and created even more division, much among friends and family, and it was and still is sad to see so many former friends divided and angry over politics, which are temporary when considering what really matters in our lives.

It was meant to be positive, to remind people that there are still good stories, good things and good people who make our country still the best. That there are still things worth fighting for, even if the fight is on a different ‘battlefield’.

I spent more years of fighting politically- time never to be regained, tears never mattering and love trying to change a worldly and cold machine than I could ever imagine.  It accomplished virtually nothing in the world of matters, but when one looks at it all from another perspective, it accomplished something so much more.  Friendships.  Brothers and sisters found, love and concern abounding and amazing encouragement given and received by a small band of folks I’ve never met face to face- yet gave me more in my darkest times than I was able to find from those around me.

Many people don’t see the internet as an opportunity for ministry or that anything good can come of social media. To me, it depends on how one uses it, and what they expect from it… and most importantly, what they put into it.  In a world close at our fingertips, yet so far apart in politics, culture, generational divides and ‘religions’, I have found a mission field of sorts and the Heart Beat is well, the Heart of it.

I wanted to get back to the basics of what God instilled in me to write so many years ago- to make people think, not necessarily trying to change minds or make others agree with me, but to make them think and see things in a way they may not have considered.  I wanted a place for friends and political adversaries to reforge those bonds that are still there, just seemingly broken. But more importantly, I wanted a place where God is found and seen through love and encouragement.

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Our porch is representative of the table God set- one of love, mercy, grace and peace for those of us who were once on the outside looking in. And we have hopefully offered the same to all who have come here this past year.  I know we’re not perfect, and there are times when our human natures get fired up – but we’ll always  try to encourage, love and show Jesus here, because He is the only One who can change hearts and heal us.

Thank you all who have come here,  for giving us a year of sharing, caring and showing His grace and love. I hope we can continue being a light that welcomes the weary, salt that cleanses, heals and preserves, and to share His peace and message to all who visit us.

So now for the unveiling of the song

…that among amazing songs, folks picked for our Heart Beat ‘Anthem’. I think most folks know which one it is already, but let me just say a few more words. All the songs entered by each of you were and are amazing songs, songs of friendship, faith, hope and what being a follower of Christ is all about, and what gives us hope in an ever darkening world. But I have to use Nukeman’s words to describe the song we voted for to be “The Song” because his thoughts echoed my own and others who chose the same.

Come to the Table, seems to reach out to all people to join in, whether a believer now or a believer-to-be in the near future and seems most fitting to me to be the song that exemplifies this site for the open arms invitation that you have given to all – to join in and bask in the warmth and friendliness that lives here. God’s wonder and beauty shines out in your articles and in the words of the commenters who share a piece of their fellowship with all.

So, with great  gratitude for everyone who participated/or even just enjoying each pick, and special thanks to the Sidewalk Prophets for another incredible song.

Thank You Lord for giving a Daisy to a Duckie, giving us the dream, but Thank You most of all for your Mercy, Grace and Love to show and give to others.

Happy Anniversary Heart Beat! It’s been a blessed year.  Welcome all. Come, to the Table…

Have some cake. (And bacon!) We’ve got plenty 🙂
Have a Blessed day all!!

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