A Mother’s Heart

Mothers come in all packages it seems and are made of something stronger than steel.

From the times that try our souls, make us want to scream, or heal hurts, hug the stuffin’ out, run away, kiss them good night or read their favorite story for the 4,495,382nd time…

We love our kids.  And sometimes the love isn’t returned until after they experience only those heart hurts that a mother or dad can experience.

There are those moms out there who had to raise their kids alone for whatever reasons and circumstances, but out of love and determination do the toughest but most rewarding job any human could have- hoping and praying to see their child(ren) grow up to be God honoring, responsible adults.

There are moms who are drill sergeants keeping their brood in line, keeping peace, yet are soft as only a mother could be, always ready for a hug, a comfortable lap and butterfly kisses.

Moms who are chauffeurs, coaches, teachers, doctors, nutritionists, counselors,  the aforementioned drill sergeants, police, mentor, investigator, and even some who are dads.

Moms who hold the fort down when Dad is deployed, and moms who watch their kids go off to fight a fight so far from home…

I’m not sure what God had in mind when he made Moms, but He seemed to know what He was doing when He made them.

Mothers have an iron will, are sacrificial, loving unconditionally and  intercede for their kids… God is the only One Who can out do a Mother’s love.

To my Mom, you are the best mom  I know for all you have done and given us kids.  I sure love you.

To the mom who sacrificed so I could have a chance for a life, thank you for more than you’ll ever realize.

As a Mom who is having her boy grow up so fast and will be too soon taking that first real solo flight,  I love my boy fiercely…

To all the moms out there, and the wonderful moms who visit our Porch, I hope your Mother’s Day is as blessed as can be! You’re all awesome.

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