The Proverbial Proverbs….

When one is not exactly feeling all that great about themselves, the last thing they want (especially ladies) to be reminded of the perfect woman.  We all know her as the Proverbs 31 woman.

We all, whether guy or girl, have times when we have self doubts, lack confidence and think too much of the times we’ve messed up… we get the “you’re such a loser” mentality.
Or we heap the times we’ve done things to disappoint others, or God like hot coals on our heads.

Reading Proverbs 31 isn’t in my view the best thing to do in those circumstances as it reminds me that I’ve yet (if ever) to attain such a Godly and ‘perfect’ disposition.

So of course, yesterday being Mother’s Day, Pastor taught from… you guessed it.

Reading along to Proverbs 31 reminded me in a lot of ways my short comings but it also allowed  that in a lot of ‘modern’ ways, I have some of the same qualities that she does- mainly the fear of the Lord, that is a healthy respect of Who He is.  And having this quality our pastor reminded us, reminds us of who we are in Him.

The word fear here is not the same as the ‘afraid’ kind of fear, the kind that seems to get a grip on us all too often.  Last week  I had a couple of bad days where I was dwelling on all the things I’m not, too much on the past and letting too many of the enemy’s arrows  keep away  the truth that the Lord has already dealt with my past and has forgiven and forgotten it all.  I finally figured out so much of it is based on fear. Fear of making the same mistakes I’ve made in the past, fear of where my life is now and the thought of going through the rest of it alone.  (Even though I know God is with me through it all).  It’s still a fearful thought which sometimes instead of me taking it captive, the fear takes me captive instead.

A wise brother in Christ, and dear friend reminded me, that we don’t see ourselves as we are. We see all our faults magnified, and imagine more. He also reminded that “They (the enemy) do not have God’s authority for saying anything negative at all. God says to them, as He said through Paul to earthly critics, “Who are you to criticize My servant? She stands or falls to Me only, because I and I only am her King and Lord. And news flash, devil: she will stand, because I am able to make her stand.””

I’m grateful that God is a God who forgives, but more so forgets past transgressions. I am very grateful He gives us constant reminders of that, whether through His Word or through friends.   We’ve all been there, but it’s nice to be reminded that since we’ve all been there, we can help encourage and remind each other that God’s Word is true, and that fear? Well,

Next time you think you’re not good enough, strong enough or a constant “loser”, remember You are Created in God’s Holy image, and He loves you enough to want you in His Kingdom. Don’t let the enemy from keeping you from accepting God’s mercy, grace and precious Son’s ultimate gift.

I hope everyone has a blessed Monday.

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