RED Friday Roundup

I hope y’all have your RED on!

While we’ve done RED Friday Round Ups similar to this one in the past, this is our first official week of rounding up stories for current events about our active duty troops and Veterans.  While we’ll still have some Wednesdays highlighting Historical battles and other important ‘days in history’,  we’ve decided to ‘move’ our Veteran related articles & stories to Fridays.

First up, last week  Afghan and U.S. Special Forces troops nailed a senior IS-K ( Islamic State Khorasan Province, Afghanistan/Pakistan)  operative during a nighttime air assault raid in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. This guy planned and facilitated IS-K attacks against Afghan security forces and civilians in Kabul and along the main corridor for travel from Nangarhar to the Afghan capital.

Also in Afghanistan, Afghan and NATO warplanes helped out in a battle between Afghan forces and the Taliban in Farah city, the capital of Farah Province, close to the Iranian border, an Afghan official says.

While there have been conflicting reports of the battle, according to provincial Governor Basir Salangi, more than 300 Taliban fighters were killed in the battle for Farah, while 25 government troops also died.

Special police forces from Kandahar and commandos from Herat were also deployed to the province according to Afghan officials, as heavy fighting continued the past few days since the Taliban announced its annual spring offensive.  It began early on May 15 when several security checkpoints were overrun after midnight, with the militants capturing one urban district and parts of another.

According to Military Times, Army Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell, a U.S. forces spokesman in Afghanistan said that  “A-10s (Warthogs) conducted shows-of-force, while MQ-9 Reapers struck multiple targets. Afghan A-29 light-attack aircraft and Mi-17 helicopters “conducted the majority of strikes.


God bless not only our troops, but the Afghan forces who are trying to regain their own country.  I pray that You will reveal Yourself to more of the Afghani people so they will know Your Love and Mercy.  Help them find peace Lord and let our troops be safe and come home soon.


It’s been over 10 years and 55,ooo hours, but the infamous Memphis Belle WW2 Bomber has finally been restored and the official unveiling was Wednesday at the National Museum of the US Air Force at Dayton, Ohio. Wednesday was the 75th Anniversary of the Belle’s 25th and final combat mission of the war.

When I saw the curtain lowered and saw that plane, I teared up, seeing this plane finally restored to her former ‘glory’. What an incredible moment for the families of those who flew her.  It saddens me that they couldn’t restore her for those who flew her.

My boy loves the movie, even though it’s Hollywood, but thankfully that movie did bring a part of history alive for so many who’d never know otherwise.

You can read about it here for more from Robert Morgan Jr. about His dad…

Here’s the full ceremony of the unveiling if anyone feels like watching,

Here’s the original ‘story’ about the Belle which made her so famous…

To all our Troops and Veterans, Thank You for your incredible service!

I hope everyone has a blessed and safe day!

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