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It’s Sunday. For a lot of folks, that means church, and usually some goodies to be had with some fellowship between Sunday school and Bible study. For others, it means brunch.  Big dinners are usually a Sunday thing too. Or at least they used to be.

When I was a kid, Sunday usually meant roast beast with mashed ‘taters, green beans, gravy and Yorkshire pudding (something we grew up on and always asked for seconds for!).  Or dinner at our Nana and Grampa’s… which also meant cookies or home made butter tarts!

Or dinner at my Mom’s sister’s place, which included pickles 🙂 And if it was Christmas time, it meant bread pudding and hard sauce, or mincemeat pies!  And for every time we visited, Uncle Fred would be waiting for us kids to give us our “grab bags” full of candy and chocolate bars.

Oh man, food sure is a big part of our lives and memories.

This is an open thread, focusing on thoughts about food lol.  Daisy has spent all the weeks past making her Daisy’s Amaisy’s jellies, pop tarts, banana custard and strudel… Suffer, TX and Lawngren always find their way to chocolate… Heather always eating healthy except on our Anniversary where she had not only cake, but ice cream!

Me… well, I could always go for bacon. Or donuts. Either one is a major food group and a necessity.

What’s on your plate for lunch or dinner today?  Unless it’s the word that shall not be spoken, I want to hear all about it. I also want to hear about favorite meal time memories of when you were growing up.

As much as I love food, I look forward to sitting at the ultimate table…

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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