RED Friday Round Up

While long weekends are nice and I have to say mine is much needed, I don’t ever want to lose sight of the reasons for some of our “Holiday” weekends- especially Memorial Day Weekend.  I know Memorial Day is not until Monday, but I wanted to get folks in the mind set with today’s Red Friday thread- and with our feature photo.

These days of respect, reflection and remembering always weigh on my mind for so many reasons, including trying to write what’s on my heart about so many in our Military currently and those who’ve served in the past- and all who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.

As we go into this weekend, I’d like folks to post at least one message for our current duty troops that you would like them to know, if they could see it.  It doesn’t matter the content of the article/day’s thread.  Just one encouraging comment and then maybe sometime for a RED Friday thread in the future I can feature those comments in a thread for those who just might be able to see them and know how much we appreciate them.

For today,  I don’t really have much except my prayers and thoughts for so many who still serve so valiantly…. and my gratitude for everything they have given us in freedom.

God bless and keep them safe wherever they are. Please protect and guide them and help them to serve honorably, helping so many around our world who just want to live in a way that they can work, raise their families and be free.

For today, I pray for so many Veterans who have heavy hearts, wounded spirits, guilt and hurt for their brothers who never made it home, and for too many things seen and done.  Those who have so little peace or hope- when they have tried to gain it for so many.  Memorial Day is a hard day, but one they honor, cherish and remember no matter how much pain it brings for them.

I pray they will come to believe and know how much God loves the wounded and weary soldier.

Have a blessed and safe Friday all, and please put your RED on ♥

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