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Sometimes seemingly ‘instant’ success can bring about two different reactions.  For some folks, it bolsters the ego so much it can cause one to become arrogant and self centered- we all know those types. For others though, success can be scary. I know that feeling in a way. When I first got accepted as a writer for PolitiChicks years ago, I always wondered if I was good enough, would I last long, and how in the world was I going to keep on churning out articles worth reading?  After a few times of having my ‘stuff’ shared by some of the bigger names on the net, while it was exciting and gave me a bit of confidence, it was still a daunting thing to try and keep writing enough that would get noticed.

There’s a pressure that comes to folks once they break out into a bit of a spotlight. Speaking of pressure and spotlights, our next featured artist knows all too well the fears and doubts that comes with breaking it to the big time.

In 2016 Jordan Feliz’s debut album The River, featuring the song of the same name was an instant hit. The young artist should have been floating and on the top of the world, but instead he began having panic attacks.  Anxiety and doubt troubled what should have been an amazing time in his life.  He speaks a bit about his experiences with being stressed out by the success of the album.

From an article at Relevant Magazine he describes,

It all starts with putting out my first record. I didn’t have any expectations. When that record did well, I got to this place in my head where I’m like, Oh my goodness, what if my second record isn’t good?

I just started really stressing myself out and believing some stuff that I had heard. It started getting to me, and so whenever it came down to writing for the record, I started feeling like everything I was creating was never good enough.

I started realizing that what I was doing was destroying myself. I was believing all the lies that the enemy was telling me. Overall, it was just a ploy to try to stop everything I wanted to achieve.


Jordan grew up in a way a lot of us did, with parents of varying music tastes. He grew to love R&B performers such as Sam Cooke, the Commodores, Earth Wind and Fire. Although he began his career as the lead in a heavy metal band when he was fresh out of high school, his earlier love of R&B won out and now his music reflects the sound and inspires his songwriting.

His faith inspires his songwriting too, and from his experience with anxiety and stress, he’s found a new level of trust in God- that stretches beyond music. Like we do here, he finds encouragement and fellowship with those who tour with him.  He believes that the only answer to our fearful and unsettled world today is Jesus Christ.

The only way to combat that is to be a nation that literally relies and trusts on our sole provider. That’s really what the undertone of the entire Future record is about—abandoning everything else besides just trusting and relying on Jesus.”

This is Jordan talking about his latest album (released in March) and explaining about how he struggles with all he has to be…..focusing on Jesus.

Daisy and I hope you enjoy today’s spotlight artist, Jordan Feliz! Have a blessed Saturday all.

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