The Pursuit of Love

Over the past week or so, I’ve had two things heavy on my mind- pursuit and love.  I was lying in bed one night a couple of weeks ago, thinking of so many things in my life that God has used to draw me closer. It overwhelmed and blew me away when I thought of how  real His pursuit of me was.

It brought me to tears and gratitude when I thought, what it is about me- any of us really, that God, the creator of the universe and everything in it, would pursue us, mere specks of dust in the giant scheme of time WHY?

In reading the Bible, seeing the love He has had from the beginning for those who were outside of the covenant, that He promises the same gift of inheritance to us as those He claimed for His own, and the same that He has given to His only begotten Son. It’s amazing to think about. 

Suffer reminded me a couple of weeks ago of the poem Footprints in the Sand.  We all know it,
Laying there thinking about so many times in my life where I screwed up, made a mess, sought the truth, but wandered so many dark paths before Truth found me… He was there!

Not only there, but working in my life in ways that I now know He was actively pursuing me.  From my most darkest times, through pain, hurt, guilt, and incredible heart aches, He was there carrying me, even when I didn’t know Him.

He was loving me all of those times, and He still is, only now I don’t need the footprints as a reminder, I have Him reminding me every single day.

Over the years, especially the past few, I see that His hand has been at work for my good. Often times I don’t understand the why’s of the potter’s hand on this lump of clay, but I do know that I can trust in Him to create a new me which is the me He intended me to be all along.

He has saved me physically, saved me emotionally, mentally and spiritually, all because of His incredible love- which is displayed daily in His mercy and grace.

His pursuit is love, His being there is love. His carrying us when we have no strength… is love. This in addition to what He did for all of us that day when he bled and cried out on a cross “It is finished”.  I tear up as I write that, thinking of how He could love a stubborn, stiff necked, filthy, pathetic wretch and cause me to be beautiful in His Father’s eyes.

He does the same for all, when those who trust in Him to let Him.  He will for you too- Because He loves you.

Will you think about things in your life that just might show you how He has been pursuing you because He is about a relationship, not a religion.

No matter what you’ve done, no matter where you are, no matter how unlovable you may think you are,  no matter how you’ve denied Him, mocked those who believe in Him, and no matter if you think you could never be good enough… Consider that He is the author of love, and that He who created the universe loves you enough to die for you. Consider that while you might not know Him, He knows you and is pursuing you in Love.

Come to Him. Come just as you are.

Have a blessed day and week all.


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