Faith Found or Lost Through Brokenness

Have you ever been broken? Something that shakes you to the core, breaks your will and leaves you on your knees panting in the dirt?

Those who are Christians are often tested in one way or another which have left them broken and confused, yet for many, they turn inward in bitterness and hurt while turning away from God, shaking their fists, “Why did you do this to me?!”

Yet for others, they see God’s hand at work and accept the brokenness for what it is. Because they realize it’s those times of the hardest things that God’s love and work can shine the brightest in a dark world.

Are you willing to trust God if He decides to use you?  Think before you say yes- Because if He decides to use us, He usually has to break us in order to specially build us for His specific tasks. One must also consider that in doing a specific task for the Lord, one doesn’t necessarily know the purpose, outcome- nor the survival chances….

A few weeks ago I read an excerpt from a book called Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend  by Ravi ZachariasThe section is an adaptation from Stuart McAllister’s chapter “The Role of Doubt and Persecution in Spiritual Transformation

It had me captivated, even though it’s a little longer to read, it is well worth the read. In it, Mr. McAllister describes such a time when knowing he’s doing God’s work, God is silent in the worst circumstances.

A friend once said to me, “Life is hard, God is good—don’t get the two confused.” His words hit me with a force that made me think long after they were spoken. The longer we walk with God and face the pressures of life and change, the more we appreciate grace but also come to recognize how dependent we are in an ongoing way to complete the journey.

I have now walked with God for forty years, most of it in what we may call “fulltime Christian service.” I continue to discover that although each stage of life is new, each invites us to face it with faith, hope, and resolve. Hebrews 12:1-3 tells us “we are surrounded by such a great of cloud of witnesses” who have completed their race. We are exhorted to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus” so that we may not succumb to the very real danger to “grow weary and lose heart.” I find these words very significant in this season in life, because finishing well requires courage and commitment as earlier challenges did in their own way.

Continue the story here….

For another take on brokeness used for God’s purpose, I found this incredible golden nugget a few hours after I wrote Monday’s piece on Laying it Down.  Again, from Ravi Zacharias. It isn’t too long, but I promise it is well worth listening to and pondering.  He describes it so much better than I could in my rambling article.

Strong followers of Christ understand who the enemy is, and know that the closer they walk with the Lord, he will throw everything he can at us to trip us up, to cause us to give up or lay us up.  Don’t let him.  We have victory in Jesus whether we live or die doing God’s will.  And as foolish as it seems to the world, God uses broken things to accomplish great things for His Glory and Kingdom.

Have a blessed day all.

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