A Few Good Men… of Faith

Whenever I am watching something on you tube, something in the sidebar always grabs my attention to where I usually make my rounds watching suggested stuff and losing track of time.  As usual, when I was watching the videos Daisy found for the last RED Friday post, a couple of videos in the sidebar grabbed my attention.  I figured to watch the short one then, and save the longer one for when I had more time.

And again, as usual, I loved the first one so much, that I thought, well I can at least watch the first part of the second one- after all, I still have 20 minutes before I have to shut down for the night…

To make a long story shorter, I watched the whole thing. I couldn’t help it. It was so good, so attention grabbing, and even though it is really geared towards men, it was worth watching.

I have so many things on my mind, and so much I’d like to say about these, but for once, I’m going to leave my commentary out of it. What they have to say is so much more than I could ever add on to.

I hope you’ll watch both of these, as I know most of you will remember the incidents in which both found themselves involved in. That’s gripping enough to listen to, but how they got there, how they got through, and how they remain active now, is nothing short of God’s awesomeness in action.

Please let us know which parts of these really resonated with you and why…

Have a blessed Day all.

And God, bless our Troops and Veterans today, and every day. May they feel Your presence in very real ways, especially when they need you most.

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