The Good, Good Father

*note, we’ll continue our Gospel Chapters next Sunday

It’s been a long time since my last “Dad & Daughter” Date to the ballgame.  I miss it still, and thank God for so many good memories with my Dad. My Dad has always been one of the best guys I know. He’s got a dry humor, slow to anger no matter how many times I’ve disappointed him. He’s  always been a hard worker and, when he was able, loved to play sports as much if not more so than watching.

I am grateful I live in an age that distance in miles isn’t so noticeable with phone calls, e mail and the odd skype adventure. But I still miss my Dad.

Dads for a long time have gotten a bad rap- made out to be fools and goofs on TV sitcoms and have often been mocked by their television families.

I know a lot of great guys who happen to be Dads, I also know a lot of guys who never should have been Dads.  There are many good men out there who for various reasons aren’t Dads, and a lot of Dads who for various reasons don’t have the chance to be with their kids. There are a lot of great guys out there who aren’t Dads, but take time to mentor or teach kids who for whatever reasons don’t have a Dad around in their lives.

Not all kids have their Dads, and for a lot of folks who are missing theirs, or estranged from their Dads or Dads missing their kids,  this day can be a hard one.

It’s days such as this one that we need to remind those who are separated by life or death circumstances from their Dads, that they have a Father who loves them more than any earthly Dad could ever love us.

As a mom who sometimes needs to be a better Dad, I can say without a doubt, being a Dad is a tough job!  God bless our Dads, and to all Dads here and out there- have a Blessed and Happy Father’s Day.

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