RED Friday Round Up

This week we have a couple of news bits from Suffer…

I’ve heard it said by too many that Korea will always be the “Forgotten War”, and I know from too many Veterans from that war that many of those who came home did so to a nation who didn’t even know there had been a conflict, or didn’t care.

There were still 7,698 Americans missing from Korea, but thankfully that number has dropped by 1 for a woman from Chicago who after nearly 70 years got to say good bye to her father who had been captured by the Chinese  after fierce fighting near the Ch’ongch’on River in North Korea. It was considered one of the most brutal battles of the whole conflict.

The remains of Army Maj. Stephen Uurtamo was buried at Arlington National Cemetery earlier this week.  A blessing to this family, but a reminder that there are still thousands waiting for word of their heroes, and a chance for their own closure.

One part of World War 2 history well worth learning about is that of the Navajo Code Talkers.   They truly deserve an article to themselves (any thoughts Walter?!) because one little bit couldn’t do justice.

Although no one really knows how many Code Talkers there were, their service was top secret, even after the war, but the numbers are definitely dwindling down to maybe a dozen if that many.  It’s sad that another of these heroes, Samuel Tom Holiday, passed away this week at the age of 94.

Holiday went through Marine Corps boot camp at the age of 19 in 1943 and joined the elite group of Native Americans who used their native language to develop the communication code for the U.S. military which by being ‘uncrackable’ helped the US to defeat the axis nations.

This tweet from the USMC sums it up…

The idea of using American Indians who were fluent in both their  tribal language and in English to send secret messages in battle was around during World War I with the Choctaw and other Native communications experts, but during World War II the US Military  developed a specific recruiting and training program for American Indian speakers to become code talkers.  To learn more about them, please read here… 


We come to one of  the last posts in our series on PTSD and a little more from an amazing organization we’ve highlighted this month, Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation who are committed to helping heal warriors and their families in a whole healing of body, mind and soul.

We invite all to check out the organization which for this duckie seems to be one of the best out there for helping those with invisible wounds.

For another story of the very real struggles and healing testimony,

This being the 2nd to last week of June, it’s not the last of PTSD Awareness. Not by a long shot. This is too important to be reserved to just one month of the year. That said, I think it’s fitting to show the other side of the PTSD struggle and loss.  Please watch this, as Heather Cangemi courageously recalls her Marine husband’s struggles and suicide.

May God grant that someone who needs to see this, that there is hope in it, will see that they. are. not. alone.

Lord God, bless our troops and Veterans. Let them know their worth in You. Keep them safe, let them feel your presence especially when they need You most.

*Thank You so much Daisy for finding out all the information about Mighty Oaks Warriors! I appreciate your research immensely!

Have a blessed and safe day all, and don’t forget to get your RED on.

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