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There is so much to be said about music… the diversity, the moods it can set, the memories a song can bring.

I’ve heard some Christian songs that leave one scratching their head to find an actual message or even a hint of actual scriptural reality.  I’ve also heard some secular music with more soul searching honesty and truth than some Christian music can ever come up with.

I guess the point is that like everything in our world, music is.  What you get out of it, what you find in it, its not necessarily the song, style or lyrics, but the place of the heart of the hearer. Music doesn’t necessarily have to be about anything, but just enjoyable to listen to, or it could be that we find healing  or a message for our moods.  Sometimes it’s good just to rock on…

I love every kind of music except hip hop, but I have had a taste of some which I actually do like.  Sometimes it’s worth hearing the music  if only to open our eyes.  Understanding that there are different worship styles that yes, can be found in secular music as well as not so scriptural based Christian music which is still good to listen to.

I remember when the MercyMe song I Can Only Imagine broke over from Christian stations into the mainstream. I wasn’t really following Christ at that time, but that song coming into the music genre I did listen to opened my eyes to some of the great Christian music that was out at the time, and I began listening to more of it.

There have been a lot of cross overs over the years from one genre to another, and while that’s always encouraging to see, it’s not always kept the focus on the Christian message when it hits the billboard charts.

One band, one artist who has had great success in Christian music as well as on the pop charts promised “When we cross over, we’re bringing the Cross over.

This is a bit long, but I hope you’ll watch TobyMac along with former band member Michael Tate (current lead vocalist from Newsboys) on life, faith, family and how they broke not only through the generational gap with their style, but across racial divides, the old school Christian mindset and into the main stream- all keeping Christ at the Center Stage.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite TobyMac songs

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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