Learning From the Life of the Strong Man

Selfish, egotistical, proud, arrogant, given to anger and impulsiveness while ignoring wise counsel.  Successful, willful, hard headed.

Can God use such a person?

We can find a classic case of God using such a man, one who God knew and had plans for before he was born.  While Samson turned away from his parents and God, he still seemed to have it all.  For a while anyway…

This is the first part of a series that comes from Suffer’s church at Centerpoint Church. There are so many nuggets of wisdom  we can learn from the life of the strongest man who ever lived.  We hope you enjoy, but also  see how God gives us all gifts for specific reasons, and that there is a purpose, whether we ignore those gifts or not. And whether we ignore God or His gifts, His will still gets done. But at what cost?

Have a blessed day all.

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