US Sovereignty… Is it at risk?

by Walter Mow

My article “Mustangs of the American West” raised a number of questions. A series of three articles that will post over time will answer many of these questions.

I want all to be aware, there is a legal war going on in the western US; one that should concern every American as its far reaching effects are not and will not be confined to the western United States. It may seem mundane and irrelevant to the average citizen, but property rights are under attack; an insidious attack that many are completely unaware of. Whether you own a mansion over- looking Cape Cod or a tar paper shack in Appalachia, a very fundamental right is at risk.

I offer this series of articles for your perusal that explain and define what is truly at stake; and it is not just about grazing rights.

This first article is in three parts with an addendum titled “Federal Laws”.

Part 1: describes the evolution of the “Equal Footing Doctrine” and the limitation of land ownership by the federal government.

Part 2: illustrates how the “Forest Reserve Act “ of 1891 eviscerated the Constitutional limit of federal land ownership, the “Equal Footing Doctrine” as well as the 10th Amendment, namely “States Rights”. It also highlights the insidious globalist aims of “Agenda 21” that has many perilous consequences for much of the US citizenry.

Part 3: is one family’s fight to maintain a way of life and its desperate struggle to retain a legacy.

The Addendum lays out the legal journey that brings us to the point of being subject to an over-bearing land lord.

I urge all to read this article, yes it is long, but it has significance that we patriots cannot ignore.

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