RED Friday Round Up

It’s finally Friday- I hope y’all have your RED on.

We only have a few things today that folks might appreciate. The first two come from Suffer.

Some good news on the homeless Veterans front, at least in San Bernardino County California, as they presented their 1,000th Veterans with a set of keys to his own place earlier this week.

Quintin Sherard, a Marine has been homeless since 2015, the same year San Bernardino County began a program initiative to help their homeless Veteran population.  This is a good story and a good start, and hopefully more counties across the country will finally find homes for all our Heroes.

This second story shouldn’t come as a surprise, because we all know that so many of our military men and women are exceptional. But Lonnie Crim, an Army Veteran combat engineer proved himself to be a hero as well.  Earlier this week, Crim, his wife and Tank, their Labrador Retriever were out at a local park in their home town Mountain Home, Arkansas for a day of drone flying.

He had the drone in the air with his wife and dog looking on when a woman fell asleep behind the wheel of her Honda Pilot and crashed into the water. She was looking for a shady place to park so she and her infant daughter could have a nap. The woman said she awoke when the SUV crashed into the pond after running off the north side of the causeway, and down the embankment into the water.

For more on this, you can read the rest here- and we can pray for her that she will do as she said “Maybe I need to believe”…

These next couple of stories make you want to throat punch people, but at the same time, thankfully things have a way of righting wrongs…

You might recognize the name Richard Overton, as he has been in the news before- and as our nation’s oldest living Veteran at 112 years old, it’s not a surprise. Mr. Overton, from Austin, Texas was at Pearl Harbor just after the attack and fought in WW2 in the Army.

Some folks may have recognized his name when some major creep stole his identity not too long ago and made some significant withdrawals from his savings account. The family recently filed a police report and earlier this week, Bank of America restored the stolen funds to Mr. Overton’s account.

You can read the rest of the story here, and also check out the links at the bottom of the page for more stories about him. He’s popped into my ‘radar’ a few times over the years. He seems like such an amazing and sweet man. I’m glad he’s getting help.

Marine Lance CPL. Joe M. Jackson died April 24, 2011, in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, while conducting combat operations. His dad had his flag that had been hanging over his bed before he went on his last patrol.  Someone stole the flag and other items out of Shawn Marceau’s truck- but it was the flag that he wanted back the most. The flag was signed by Marines from his son’s platoon- he asked for help for months on social media, trying to get it back.

Tuesday, the day before Independence Day, Marceau went to visit his son’s grave, and found the flag folded and placed on the grave. At first Marceau thought it was just an ordinary flag someone had placed there, but when he unfolded it, he saw the signatures and his heart dropped. It was his son’s flag. ♥ You can read the rest here.

It’s hard when I read things that negatively effect those who have given so much for our country, or mess with their families.  So many of them have gone through more than most of us could ever imagine, and they don’t deserve more piled on.  Living in a fallen world, it seems there is no distinction when it comes to things like this, crime is an equal opportunity sin.

While the world has it’s share of creeps, it’s heart warming to know either some of them do have a conscience, or there are others out there who try and make things right.

To all our Troops- past, present and future, Thank you for all you give, all you do, and who you are. Have a safe and blessed Friday and every day.

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