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Hmmmm……….so what do we talk about this time? How about something near and dear to all our hearts — sweets! You know, stuff like candy, chocolate, cupcakes, cotton candy, popsicles, you name it. They’re all mmmmmmmm, soooooooo goooooood.

I got the idea for this thread from a story I read about a promo one minor league baseball team put on earlier this year. I really wish my local team would do this particular theme sometime….

(editor’s note- OH MY!!) 

Oh, I’d definitely want both of those. Gonna have to make a suggestion to the promo guys at my ballpark, for sure. I’ve already got a list of ideas for them.  😀

Now I want to share some stories I’ve run across online. along with a couple recipes, which if anybody is willing to make I’m willing to make sure are edible. Hehehehe. Yum!

First up, this is a great idea….from a 13-yr-old. I actually use one of the main ingredients of this in the toothpaste and mouth rinse I make. And they must be good, considering the success of the product.

Next, who else wants to try these? I know I do. I usually freeze the red and green ones, because they make a great summertime snack, and are better for me than those addictive popsicles I love so much.

(editor’s note- COOL!!) 

Okay, I had to reread this to make sure it was a real thing. Can you imagine all the different things you could use? I can just picture Daisy doing some crazy ones, for sure. (hint, hint)

(editor’s note- Oh Yeah! Totally Daisy!) 

Duckie, this one’s for you.

Forget the editor’s note – OH YEAH!!! 😀

And finally, I really, really, really, really, really, really want to try these. Really.


Well, that’s all the stories and recipes for today. But I do want to add some questions to answer, because it’s always fun and interesting to see what you all think. Have fun!
1) What was your favorite sweet as a child?
2) What is your favorite sweet as an adult?
3) If you could have only one kind of sweet, what would it be?
Bonus question:
If you could create one unique to you, what would it consist of?

Have a gloriously sweet day!!


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