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When it comes to great Christian music, one of my all time favorite bands is Big Daddy Weave.

The band consists of  Big Daddy-Mike Weaver (lead singer), Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl.   Mike had been a worship leader at a church in Pensicola, Florida when he attended University of Mobile to study voice. It was there that he met the others and started a band.

The rest as they say, is history.  They’ve toured over the years with some of the greats such as Mark Schultz (Letters from War), Brandon Heath, We are Messengers (Magnify), Micah Taylor (Different) and Zach Williams (Chain Breaker).

They’ve been nominated for and won many awards including in 2013 with K-Love’s Best New Song of the Year with Redeemed.  In 2016 they were also honored by Christian Music Broadcasters with the Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award for their long-time contributions to the music and ministry of Christian Radio.

One of my favorite songs,

Sometimes we see the success of bands like this and get the idea that everything is good all the time. There have been so many groups, especially in the Christian genre who have had some major trials and tests over the years, and Big Daddy Weave hasn’t been immune.  A couple of years ago, Mike’s younger brother and fellow band member Jay (bass/vocals) needed to get one of his feet amputated due to complications with diabetes.  He ended up having to have the other foot amputated as well, and it was a long recovery both for Jay and the BDW family.

The sound isn’t great on this video, but Mike gives a stirring testimony and welcomes Jay back for his first appearance after his recovery, it’s awesome.

Jay has since been fitted with prosthesis and learning to walk again.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this band except their love for Jesus is huge, and their music is amazing.  Mike talks about what the meaning of the song The Only Name (Yours Will Be) represents, “He’s given us authority in His name. He’s given us healing and redemption in His name. Our identity is wrapped up in the name of Jesus. As children of God, we are living for the glory of someone else, the Son of the living God. Jesus is the only name that matters.”

Their music truly represents their faith, and it’s impossible to list all my favorite songs in one article, so here’s one more.  Although I love so many of them, I think this is one of my absolute favorites,

Feel free to post your favorites or songs you haven’t heard by them before.

Have a blessed Sunday all!


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