Monday Mornin’ Questions

Happy Monday mornin’ all.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I know folks love being here, and it doesn’t seem to matter the topic, as every day is fellowship and just hanging out.  But some days seem more energetic and lively than others.  Some of our posts do better than others.

Daisy and I were talking last week about maybe shuffling articles around a bit, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on things.
What is your favorite kinds of posts? Heart bits, In the Spotlights, Food (OK I know Suffer and Snake love those), Bible Studies…  The only day we will not change is our RED Friday because that will always be reserved in our hearts as much as on this site. But what would you like to see on certain days? Anything in particular? Sometimes it depends on how many articles we have- some weeks we have amazing  articles from some of you, but other weeks are a little slower.  What kinds of things would you guys like so we can have something prepared on the slower weeks?  For example, we could do more In the Spotlights, or an extra open thread.

I mentioned to Heather Saturday night when she asked if we were continuing the Gospel of Matthew on Sunday that we might change that.  We’d love to continue the Gospels, because there’s something about reading each chapter and seeing how many nuggets we can find that help us or direct us in our faith walks.  It’s kind of hard to do them on Sundays however- many of us go to church and hear messages that are either part of a sermon series or teaching that we’d like to focus on already without reading another different message.  Would anyone have a problem with continuing the Gospel on Wednesdays when we have no other articles on deck?

This is an open thread but please give us some ideas or let us know what you think and we’ll do our best to shuffle things around.

A little Monday music to get the mornin’ started off right….

Have a blessed and safe day y’all!

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