In the Spotlight

by SufferforTribe

I’ve been extremely blessed to attend a church that has had some really fantastic worship leaders. When I first started attending Centerpoint Church, one of our worship leaders was named Michael.

Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with today’s thread, so I’ll tell you. It’s this young man who introduced me to the sweet sounds of our featured artist, Chris Tomlin.

Tomlin was born in the great state of Texas, back in 1972. Fourteen years later he would write his first worship song. Yep, that young. His father had given him a guitar, and the rest is history.

After graduating high school, Chris went to college, planning on a career in, of all things, physical therapy. But life, and God, had something different in mind for him. He ended up graduating with a degree in psychology. Yep, that’s just a bit different, ain’t it?

But as fate (otherwise known as God) would have it, by the mid-90’s, Tomlin was leading worship at a couple different venues. At one of these he met someone who would dramatically change his life. Louie Giglio was a guest speaker at an event where Tomlin was leading worship, and he asked Chris to join him with Passion Conferences. He’s been involved with them ever since, and joins Giglio at events all over the country. They even planted a church in Atlanta called Passion City Church.

I could go into all the nominations and awards Tomlin has had, but I would bet that’s not as important to him as sharing the Word of God through his music. So I’ll just pass on it, but will say they are numerous.

Now, on to some music. Chris Tomlin has so many songs that I didn’t know where to start. I could start posting them and never stop. So instead I’ll just focus on some of his early music, and I will leave the rest for you to share and enjoy.

In researching for this thread, I found some music of his that I’d never heard before. In 1998 he released an album called Authentic. This was actually his second album. I tried finding videos from his first one, Inside Your Love (1995), but didn’t have much luck. But this song from Authentic is my favorite on the album…..

In 2001 he released an album called The Noise We Make. I ended up buying it in a 2-pack with another of his called Not To Us, from which I posted some songs the other day (and which got me the invitation to write today’s thread).  😉

I’ll go with just one from it, but the whole album is fantastic.

This next album, released in 2004, is I believe the first one that I bought of his. It’s called Arriving, and is a classic. It has a special place in my heart, so I’m gonna do two songs from it, if that’s okay?

Okay, just one more from me, then it’s your turn. This CD, Hello Love has gotten a ton of play time in my vehicles. Released in 2008, it contains this song, which pretty much says it all…..

I hope you all have a glorious day, may God be praised amd exalted above all else, and may His blessings and favor be upon you all.

All glory to God and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

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