Thoughts for Thursday

Today we have two different subjects, but they are similar in some ways, which I’ll explain as we go.

This isn’t a spot light thread really, but I did want to include a story behind a beloved song, most of us know it when David Crowder sings it, but not many know the story behind it, behind the man who wrote it.

This is, a partial Blue Thursday thread though- but only because I ask folks to remember the family and friends of Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller in your prayers along with the Ft. Myers Police Dept.   Jobbers moved to the US from Haiti when he was 9 t0 New Jersey. When he grew up, he became a fire fighter. He moved to Florida and in 2015 became a police officer with the FMPD.

A week ago Saturday he was answering a call of a disturbance at a gas station, and got in a gun fight with the suspect who was wounded.  Officer Jobbers was shot in the head. What makes this so hard is that he was hanging on, critical, but stable.  He was breathing on his own and holding on, but late this past Saturday, he passed away.  He was only 29.  South West Florida for the most part have the utmost respect for our LEOs, but this one hit us all hard even though most of us didn’t know him.  We thought he was going to pull through. It’s been 10 years since a cop here died in the line of duty- I remember that one too well.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all our LEOs and their families who never know when the next time they put on that badge, if they will make it home. God please keep those who serve so selflessly to keep us safe and protected… safe.

OK now for the story behind the song…

John Mark McMullin is a singer/songwriter and worship leader  from Charlotte, North Carolina.

His most recognizable and popular song, Oh How He Loves is an amazing testimony of God’s incredible love through the most unexplained, painful, heart breaking and growing times.

It’s best to hear it straight from the heart who wrote it…

How He Loves : A Song Story from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.

What he doesn’t explain in the video is that his  best friend Steven, on the morning of that deadly accident, was at a prayer meeting when he prayed, “Lord, I’d give my life today if it would shake the youth of a nation.

John Mark wrote How He Loves the next day, in honor of Steven, their friendship and brotherhood in Christ and the incredible pain, frustration and anger he felt from the loss.

Through a sudden and tragic death, John Mark, and the friends and family had no idea how the song would become such a strong worship song, nor  how much it would be used to touch the youth (and adults) of a nation, to draw them to Christ.

God doesn’t cause painful events in our lives, but He uses them in ways which either amaze and strengthens us, or will amaze us some day when we see the final woven piece He’s created for us and the ripples that touched others.

Death is a part of life, a sudden part sometimes, shocking and extremely painful- and yet, even through the pain, incredible things can happen- like in the case of young Officer Jobbers, bringing a community together to love and support those who protect us.  Or using the end (beginning) of life as a testimony to millions.

He knows the pain of our suffering- and Loves us through it in amazing ways. Yes, Our God is an awesome God.

Have a blessed day all.

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