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There have been a few groups and artists we’ve shone the spotlight on over the past few months (however long we’ve been doing these), and some of their music has really helped me over the past few years.  Lyrics that seem to speak “hey, I’ve been there too…”

There are so many great artists, styles and ‘depth’ to share, but today, I want to shine the light on a band that sadly isn’t a band anymore- they had their farewell tour and last show last month.  But I have to say Third Day will always be a favorite band of mine, and I’m glad we have you tube to enjoy their music.

The band was formed in the 90’s by lead singer Mac Powell, guitarist Mark Lee, guitarist August McCoy and former member, pianist Billy Wilkins.   Their drummer David Carr was invited to join the band after the band played at a 1992 event at Lee’s Church. A band called the Bullard Family Singers, in which Carr was a member of at the time was also performing.

In 1993, the band started playing more frequently in the Atlanta region in order to save enough money to record an album, and it was around this time that Billy Wilkins left the group in order to pursue his teaching career.  From humble beginnings where the band’s second album, Contagious, was self-financed for $3,000, they soon hit the big time with amazing albums such as their second studio hit, Conspiracy No. 5 which hit 50 on  the US Top 200 Billboard hits and snagged the number 2 spot on Christian charts.

Their 4th studio album Offerings:A Worship Album hit Platinum, and the title track includes the amazing…

Third Day have sold over 7 million albums in the United States and had 28 number one Christian album chart radio hits over their career, and were inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame on September 19, 2009.

One of my most favorite songs will always be one which touches my soul for the broken hearted.  I know the lyrics personally…

Another favorite is their performance of Rich Mullins’ Creed.

They also perform an acoustic version with Brandon Heath which is a great version as well.

All in all, this band is one of the tops and will remain a beloved one by many.

…and as usual, there are so many songs which I could include here- but I’ll let y’all post the ones you love or find.

Have a blessed Sunday all!

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