RED Friday

Sometimes you just gotta laugh.  While we think of, pray for and sometimes worry over so many of our military folks, there’s no reason not to enjoy some of their antics and humor. Sometimes the best humor can be found in the most serious and dangerous occupations.

Even the wisdom of Solomon realized that there’s times & seasons for everything under heaven and that life is too short to always be serious.  Just as war is countered with hope and peace, serious dangers are sometimes countered with humor in a way that only those who understand can make light of it.

But sometimes too the humor is just because stuff happens….

*note, some of these aren’t funny and pretty intense, but I guarantee most will make you laugh.

Tank drifting looks cool, until you see an aircraft carrier do it…

Then imagine the piles from these,

Or These

And just because it’s an incredible thing…

Sorry, can’t have a post like this and not include bacon.

Speaking of food, why didn’t this ever happen to me when I worked McD’s drive thru?!

I love my GI Joes.
OK I’ve just gone to crazy… I promise this is the last one.
Sorry, I don’t know how that one got in here.

I hope folks enjoyed these.  I love our guys so much, and respect them immensely. I appreciate their humor. Some of these photos I’ve had in my collection for years, used to have a lot of Vets send them to me or tweet them to me for laughs.

Please Lord Bless our Troops & Veterans, keep our Troops in Your care wherever they are.

Have a safe RED Friday y’all.

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