Beautiful You

You know, I was just talking to my daughter and we were talking about how life isn’t easy.  We talked about how God uses our faults and our ignorance of who He is to get our attention and teach us through those things.  He is ever teaching us even in through our disobedience when we are walking with Him.  Are we perfect?  By no means, not even close.  Is life perfect?  Yeah, nope.  Even when we are reading the Bible and supposedly understanding what He’s trying to get through to us, sometimes, the Truth just escapes us, until……what? What experiences have been hard for you that you’ve learned a truth from God?  What are you going through now that you’re still learning that maybe you haven’t fully grasped but are still looking to God to learn from? Life is hard, we are sinners even if we have the assurance of life everlasting, that doesn’t mean we don’t still have struggles.  Why the struggles and difficulties even if we go through them with a peace that passes understanding?

Let’s be real for now, lets talk about stuff that is real;  joys, heartaches, disappointments, love, loss and just where you’re at right now.  No bans on topics, no judgement on worries or concerns, just real.  I’m going to challenge you all to be real in your response to each other too.  Don’t just blurt a Bible verse out to someone if you have a reply, tell them how you can relate or not or what you might learn from God in them.

Sometimes I think we might just quote God a little too much rather then show each other how God is working in our lives, or what little things we see around us show or prove what He is.  Have you seen something lately that has sparked a praise in you to our Father?  Whether its a cloud formation or a child laughing or answered prayer,  share it, but let it be real to you.  I’m feeling simple or maybe real, I don’t know, but I don’t think God is anything but those things and I love hearing about you.

Do you think God can be simple or real and reveal Himself as awesome to you at the same time?  I do, I think that I can see simple analogies of His wonder in everywhere I look.

Answer any of the above questions if you want to, this is an open thread though so share what you like.

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