RED Friday

Well,  I know we wear RED every Friday to remember all our deployed, but it’s hard when some of those deployed are our friends isn’t it.   I know how much Mean Green and Snake mean to all of you, because they mean so much to me and have for a long time.  It was hard  having to see one of our friends go again. Hard wondering how Mean Green is too, and hoping that when he goes back, he will be healed and healthy.  And all of them safe.

I’ve always got them, and all the others in my heart and on my mind it seems, but especially this week, so I really can’t think of much to say for today’s RED day, no matter how I try and find words.

I guess one thing I can find joy about, is that all of you showed so much love and care for Snake as you have for MG in the past, and that they know without a doubt that they have a small band here, always waiting, always hoping, always praying, and always loving them, and a mighty God and loving Savior Who loves them even more.

Be safe you both. God bless all our Troops Lord, and keep them all safe.

I will never stop praying and singing this, and thanking God for the incredible gift He’s given us in those He’s called to protect and defend our nation.

I have a favor to ask. All of you who wear RED on Fridays, how about taking a selfie, or get a photo of you wearing it- either at work, or home or wherever you happen to be when you’re wearing it.  Send it to me, and I’d like to save them for a future post.

I love Red, but some day, I hope I never have to wear it- knowing  all our boys are home to stay.

Have a safe and blessed day all.

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