Love- in spite of

When Daisy and I first got this site up and running, I had so many ideas, hopes and prayers for what we wanted to accomplish here- for what we hoped God would accomplish here. As with anything human based, it’s had it’s highs and lows, and everything in between.

I have a few questions that I’d like folks to think on for a while before commenting.

What do we have here? I mean, are we like a family? I know some of you are closer to me than some of my family. Are we as the early believers, gathering in this “park porch” to fellowship with each other, and as our header under our site name suggests- to encourage and build each other up?

What does 1 Thessalonians 5:11 mean to you? Is it something you see fit to practice here? Or is it just a good phrase from the Good Book to try and live by out in the world or at church?

When you have a problem or issues with your friends or family members, how do you resolve them? If they have a problem or issue with you, do they clam up and just leave, or blow up at you then leave? Or do you guys try and work things out, loving each other but still airing out differences? Do you love them in spite of differences or quirks that annoy you?

I know online is different, and things done and said can be taken totally in the opposite of what it’s intended. I have had many times where I’ve offended or made someone frustrated because of what sounds fine to me, grates on someone else or is taken totally wrong. It’s not easy like it is face to face, when you can see the person’s smile, or frown, or worry, or love, their essence….

We are who we are. God created us different. Some of us are more bouncy than others, some of us have minds that wander all over the map, some of us are more solid and analytical… so many differences, yet so many things in common. How does one interact all the time without unintentially saying or doing something that bothers someone? And how do we handle things when that happens?

We are not the only ones here. Judging by statistics for this site, there are others who come and read but just stay outside the porch light. This site is for them just as much, if not more so than for us only. Do they wait to see how we resolve internal conflicts here- as a Christian family or like every other social place these days?

I depend on this place, so little of what I have left of any kind of joy anymore. I depend on interacting, sharpening each other, seeing folks laugh, love and encourage. I love seeing you care about each other, and living a desire to be like Jesus. I appreciate that we all recognize our own shortcomings and that we’re all works in progress- that we won’t always get things right. We’re not perfect, just saved sinners. I wanted a place warm, friendly, Christ centered and a place where we could talk openly about things in a way that people just don’t seem to do anywhere else anymore.

Maybe not always agreeing, and not always seeing eye to eye- but still valuing what each other brings to the table.

Last week Daisy wrote a heart felt article about getting real, and telling what’s on your heart. This past weekend has been a brutal rollercoaster ride, one which I’d like not to dwell on, but need to open up my own heart here.

Life is… and we are… Jesus loves us in spite of it all. Please can’t we do the same?

Lets be real. Have a blessed Monday and week.

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