RED Friday

Blank pages.  They can be devoid of creation, but also of scars and hurts. They can be empty, but also ready for a message of love and hope.  Blank pages are waiting for words, pictures and ideas, and a chance to start over.

Today our RED page is a blank one, for all who come here to fill up with their thoughts, hopes and messages of love for those who have and still defend us and others around our world.

Lets fill this blank space with peace for weary souls, give and seek forgiveness for hurting hearts and a chance for love in a place removed from so many hard, godless places….

Lord, watch over our troops, keep them under the shadow of your wings, be their front and rear guard and keep them from harm. Bless them wherever they may be, whether gone far away, here at home, or somewhere in between.  Bless our Veterans too, and may they find the peace that only You can provide.

While this is an open, I’d like to re post a story that HotT posted on yesterday’s thread. It’s a wonderful one, and so encouraging that God is moving among our Soldiers  in a big way, and answering prayers of all who are praying for them to know Jesus.

I want you to know that God is doing great things… I’m asking you to please pray and help us to see not only today and since March 11th with almost 2,000 people coming to salvation in Christ Jesus, that the Lord is good and he desires not only to reconcile us, to reunite us to himself, through his death, burial and resurrection but also that he desires for the whole world and mainly our country, United States to know that if he’s doing great things in the military, he’s going to keep doing great things, in and throughout us for his glory in our society so in need of Christ Jesus our King.”
US Army Chaplain (Capt.) Jose Rondon

To all our troops & Veterans. Thank You.

Have a blessed and safe day all.

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