RED Friday Thank God for Such Men

Such Men Lived

It was said by someone who knew
those honorable, exceptional, the few
That we shouldn’t mourn for all they could give
But to Thank God that such men lived.

We may not know their service, their names or faces
we don’t know how they sacrificed in far off places
All we know is those their families for freedom would give
So that we could thank God that such men lived.

While it would be good to honor the memories of
those who fall-they are known to the angels above
Their deeds, their ultimate sacrificial gift
God made sure that such men lived.

We can still remember those we don’t know by name
who do what they do not for glory or fame
But for each other their brothers incredible gift
And still thank God that such men lived.

Never forgotten nor not thought of
we know they gave all and by someone were loved
We thank their families, and brothers who still give
And thank God most of all that such men lived.

C.E 2018

God watch over all our troops and keep them safe. Bless those who remember their loved one and their fallen brother. Give them comfort, peace and love that only You can give Lord.  Thank You Jesus.

I hope everyone has a blessed day, and please take some time to just think about all that has been and is still given by those we’ll never know- and thank God for all of them.

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