Ain’t Nothin’ Like It

A holiday which happens on a Monday.  Some ‘holidays’ I don’t really celebrate, like Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day- those are somewhat sacred days, meant for reflection, gratitude and honoring those who have given of themselves for freedom.  But days like today, one has to enjoy… not having to set the alarm on a Monday. It feels good. It’s a good thing and there ain’t nothin’ like it.

What are folks up to today?  Whether you’re just kicking back and hanging around the house, and maybe spending some time on the porch here, or going on a day trip somewhere, check in and describe your day- and hopefully it’s a blessed one.

I’ll most likely finish some chores I didn’t get done Saturday and Sunday due to my non scheduled LOTR movie marathon, and other things I needed to do.  But I’ll hopefully find myself being a little lazy today for a change.

Here’s a little something different to kick off the week

Whatever y’all are doing, I hope you’re having a good and safe day! Happy Monday!

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