Open Thread Thursday

As much as I’d love to have had something written for today, I couldn’t rush things that are cooking in my mind.  They have to simmer, stew and season for a little bit before any ideas can come out not sounding half baked.

So, it’s Open Thread Thursday- and as much as my first paragraph sounds like food, maybe that can be part of it. The other part is all Americana. Enough goodness to keep Political Correctness off our park lawn.

So Apple Pie and Stars and Stripes. Or Donuts and stripes?
Mean Green had a lot of us drooling Monday when he posted what he was preparing for the feast for those exceptional  boys,  and if anyone deserves a great American meal on American soil it’s them.  But what are your favorite American meals?  Stir it up, give us a taste and don’t be stingy 🙂

America the Beautiful has given the world so much- and so much is taken for granted by those who were born and raised here, but also by beneficiaries around the world.  Everything from inventions, technology, the arts, education, food, food and money aid and our precious sons and daughters’ blood…

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the United States of America?

I know that’s a loaded question, and I have a feeling, knowing folks here, what most of the answers will be- but I want to hear them anyway- loud and proud.

This song will always be so incredibly special to me. As a nervous duckie steps into a room full of fellow immigrants from all over the world, and became a citizen of the most God blessed and generous country that ever was…..

I am so proud to be an American. And there will be more of that coming soon….

For now, I want to hear from you.
Say it, describe it, play it and have a blessed day all!

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