A Tuesday morning 17 years ago, and a Tuesday morning 11 years later sharing the same date, the same beautiful morning and the same hate.

I will never forget either day.  And I will never forget those who have gone and given their lives since.

It seems that every generation has an event which is so overwhelming that the people can’t forget what they were doing that day and the days afterwards.  Each generation has an event so life changing that it causes each of us to question ourselves- do I try to do something, or do I just go on about my own life?

Those who remember Pearl Harbor know the way so many answered.

After September 11, 2001 I know how I answered, but it wasn’t enough. I know how others answered- some applying for US Citizenship to join like so many of that Greatest Generation. Others joined too, some of them are still giving, and so many others gave all…

While I know their sacrifices were and are not in vain, I see what goes on such a short time since and it’s as if we never had a day of infamy in our time because too many have forgotten or just don’t care.

After September 11, 2012 I know how I answered. But it wasn’t enough.  But others again had given all while thank God others were able to come home- and proved that those who are sent, never leave men behind.

I know too little too late that I can’t change the world, and that things will go on until God’s plans and will are brought about.  All I can do is try and change me and hopefully show and tell others how so they can have a chance to change if they want it.

Defeatist or something else?  That’s the question I ask myself every day now, because I know to some, they see the former.  I won’t be able to convince anyone what I still have inside from the old me, and Who I have inside me now, and that my fire and fight are still there, but to be fought in a different kind of battle.

I will never stop remembering and I will never stop sharing their stories with those willing to listen.  I’m only one little voice in a jungle of millions of voices louder than mine- but as long as I have a voice, I will use it to remind people that 2, 996 died on that Tuesday 17 years ago because of hate born from an evil ideology masked as a peaceful religion.

Heroes were born out of the terror, others were heroes all along.  Families and friends remember their loved ones, their heroes every day.   They deserve to be never forgotten.

Four men died on that Tuesday 6 years ago.  Heroes who gave their lives to save others when those who sent them didn’t care. Families and friends remember them too. Every. Day.  And still life goes on for those who didn’t care while those who were there are told they are a conspiracy.

It seems as though a few lifetimes have come and gone in the past 17 years, and yet I can remember both 2001 and 2012 as though they were yesterday.

I remember where I was, what I was doing, I remember the beautiful morning, and I remember the night I heard that Americans were under attack in Benghazi.  I will never forget.


Faith, Hope and Love- are some good things He gave us, but the greatest is Love.
While I still get angry, I also choose to remember Love- of those who rushed into the buildings, those who rushed to the front of the plane and the Love of those who 11 years later fought with no help, to save those they were there to protect.

I choose to remember that Jesus is the greatest example of Love the world will ever know, and remind people of Him.  We need to keep reminding them that there are still others who follow His example and give their lives so that others can live.

America, Bless God and be blessed.

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