Rainy Day Porch Time

One thing I always loved about our porch back at the swamp, was sitting in the swing when it was raining.  I loved the breezes coming through the windows, the sound of rain on the roof, dripping off the trees or  pouring into our rain barrel.  Unless it was a bad lightning storm, I spent many rainy times on that porch.

I have no idea if it is raining where some folks are today (it is here right now as I write this late Tuesday night) but I have to go outside to notice it.

It might seem that having a rainy day thread isn’t a good idea as we watch the weather, and our eyes are on Hurricane Florence and a few other named storms.  I think I’m doing this just to try and reassure those who are in the track of it, and maybe just try and remind the rest of us to keep all of our friends and everyone else in our prayers.

As of now, Florence is pretty danged big. Not quite as big as Wilma was yet, but just about.  Hurricanes, especially big ones are scary. And awesome.  I spent the times during Charlie and Wilma on the porch at Michael’s mom’s house next door. Her place was concrete block, so a lot more solid than our place.  It was an amazing sight to watch and I’ll never forget it.  Charlie was compact, strong and quick, and was gone within 4 hours. Wilma, we felt effects from pre storm bands to strong sustained winds then last of the bands for about 11 hours.  She was huge, but just as strong.

They are scary. But once they come, there’s nothing really that can be done, just trust and pray, and hope for the best while expecting the worse.

And remember, God is with you even in

Last year when Irma was coming at us, I was scared more than I was during the other times we got hit.  Being the only one responsible for American boy, I had to make more decisions that I wasn’t sure of when I had to make them.  Having to pack and store everything seeing as we are on the top floor, when we locked the door on our way to our church to ride it out, I wasn’t sure if we’d have anything left to come back to.

It was a strange feeling because as much as I have some things that mean so much to me, most of it is just “things” and it didn’t bother me too much. I knew God would provide again, should this place get flattened.  All I could think about was after Hurricane Charlie had come directly across this area years before, and the amount of damage it caused. I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thanked God so much when we drove back here and while yeah, tree and other debris was all over the place, and a few big signs in town were blown out and trees uprooted, our place was ok.  Power being out for a week after was an inconvenience and loss of all our frozen and refrigerated  food stuff was a bit of a hit, but considering folks to the south of us, and around the old neighborhood, we got by a lot better and quicker.

I have to say though, that the most comfort I had during the whole time was the real knowledge, without a doubt that so many were praying for me, the boy and everyone down here.  I want our friends Mean Green and Lawngren to know that we will be praying for you and everyone else through this too.  No matter what, God’s got your backs.

Have a blessed day all.  Be safe.

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