The Porch is Open

While we think about and pray for friends and family who are still experiencing the remnant of Florence,  I’ve thought about how many people must be without power right now, and how inconvenient it is.

When we were kids, power outages meant all sorts of adventures and games to be played. It didn’t matter if it was middle of a winter blizzard or heat of summer storms- there was always plenty to do, and no worries.

When we moved up to the boonies when I was a teen, the first winter there we had a blizzard and ice storm, so the power was knocked out for a couple of days.  We had a big living room with a good sized fire place, and we all brought blankets and pillows to sleep there while my dad kept the fire going.  My mom had to learn how to cook on it, and we melted snow for water.  We spent the time reading, telling stories (mom & dad when they were young) and playing Monopoly.  It was great.

I guess the longest time power’s been out since I’ve been an adult was after Hurricane Wilma- or actually it’s about tied with Hurricane Irma and the wild fire we had when American boy was about 7 or 8 years old, because all of those times we were out for about a week.  We were out for about 5 days after Hurricane Charlie. And I think that was the worst time because it was August and once that storm went through, the air was as humid and thick as molasses.

Living at the swamp though without A/C was kind of a blessing since we didn’t have to get used to the heat without it, but unless there was a breeze, sleeping was torture.  We were on a well then, but thankfully we’d always stocked up for the hurricane season and had plenty of water.  Ice though was a scarcity, and I knew there wouldn’t be any to be found in town.  At that time, the church I was going to had electricity so we were able to go and get coolers full of ice- and have a shower while there. That was a blessing!

We grilled our food as it defrosted, then started in on the canned stuff we had stocked up on.  And we read lots of classics- everything from The Yearling to Moby Dick and Swiss Family Robinson.  We played cards and just enjoyed the breeze as we got it and were thankful for the house still standing.

Being in an apartment was worse, I had the windows open, but again being in summer, unless a breeze was blowing towards our side, windows didn’t help.  It was hovering between 87 and 90* inside, and there was no place or way to grill anything. So the boy and I had to make due with whatever canned stuff I had and ate it cold for the most part.  But we survived. Not sure how much longer I could have done that though- I’d rather be out in the boonies, it’s a lot easier.

I hope and pray that folks can keep sane as they are without power, and hopefully not have too much to clean up now that the storm is moving on.  I pray they are all safe, and homes are intact. And I hope we can hear from everyone soon.

I hope everyone has a blessed Monday. Here’s a song to get the week started,

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