The Traveler’s Dream

When I was young, I wanted to go to so many places around the world, but as I get older, I realize that many of those places I’ll only get to see in pictures.  It’s not that I don’t believe I’ll get to them, but there were always so many places I’ve wanted to go to, that it’d be impossible to see them all lol.  I don’t mind flying but prefer driving- but one can’t drive from here to Italy, or Israel, or Tonga…..

Switzerland to hike the mountains, have a picnic under the peak of the Matterhorn.
Italy, Florence where Michelangelo’s masterpieces call to me, Tuscany, the beauty of the countryside… and anywhere for the incredible food!

Tiramisu mmmmmmm………

I went to an Italian wedding once when I was in my 20’s.  Let me just say as far as the reception dinner went, I am still kind of full, but it was incredible!

Next, to walk where our Lord and Savior walked, to sit on the mount and read the Beatitudes, visit the garden, take a boat across the Sea of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) and even though I’ve already been baptized, to have it done in the Jordan would be amazing. Ah, a trip to Israel I think is every believer’s desire.

One place I have always wanted to go for some reason is to Tonga.  An island in the south pacific…
Let me just say, I live on the coast with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world- and love going every chance I can, but wow, the waters of the south pacific just have a way of stirring my soul,
Another place I’ve always wanted to go to for some reason was  the Andes of Peru and Ecuador.  I always loved the sound of the pan flute…

and also Patagonia in Argentina/Chile
Oh wow, the Glory of the Lord is magnified in such beautiful creation!

And just for the record, I made empanades just the way my brother in law Julio who was from Chile used to love them.
One can almost imagine a few Hobbits, an Elf, Dwarf, a couple of men and a wizard travelling through that land.

Speaking of which,

Although I’ve always wanted to go Down Under, one more place I’d love to go would be New Zealand.  My desire to go there was enhanced even more when I discovered that Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed in that wondrous country.  Go hiking through Fangorn Forest, and maybe we might find Treebeard the Ent… For more of the real life places which were turned into such places as Mount Doom, Edoras, and the Shire, visit this site and tour the country.

So, those are a few of this traveler’s dreams.  What are yours?  Don’t forget to include food- our boys at the HB need their fill 😉

And if you have any photos, grab ’em, post ’em and throw some music in there too.

This is an open traveler’s thread- have a beautiful Tuesday all!

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