RED Friday

For today’s RED Friday, we want to take some time to recognize the every day heroes, and those who are dedicated to help during and after emergencies and natural disasters.  Of course, during times after hurricanes in recent past in Texas and Florida, the goodness continued to be on display during Hurricane Florence as well.

It’s not always people who need help the most, and while I’ve seen a lot of folks slamming people for leaving pets behind, it’s not always an option to bring our fur babies with us when ordered to evacuate.  While I hate seeing pets abandoned and in peril, I can also understand some people’s hard and heart breaking choice to leave their pets behind.  Thank God though for folks who find them afterwards and get them to safer places…

Sometimes folks might think why do so many boats need to go rescue people when the water’s only knee deep. It’s not easy when you don’t know what that muddy water might be hiding that got carried along in the current. It’s not easy slogging through either, hauling enough of your belongings to keep you going one more day or carrying precious cargo…

Thank God for those regular folks with boats and the “Cajun Navy” who inspired so many others….

And then, there are our active duty heroes,

I know it was a comfort when the National Guard came and spent a couple of nights at our church during Irma last year.  And then as soon as she had blown through, they were out and working on helping people, surveying roads for safe travel and helping the local authorities keep the peace.  And, they were the ones who informed us when it was all clear to go.

After so many storms, the heart breaking scenes would be unbearable if it weren’t for every day heroes who show God’s blessings through the worst.

Thank you all for what you do.

And God bless our deployed troops wherever they are. Keep them safe today and every day.  God Bless Snake, we miss you. God bless MG and those who’ve been dealing with the massive amounts of flooding this storm brought.  We miss you too myGB, and pray we can hear from you soon.

Have a blessed RED Friday all.

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