Saturday Old Time Radio

This isn’t always old time radio, but these shows are something I used to listen to a lot when I listened to a little local Christian radio station back at the swamp.  I love that these programs are on you tube as well, and are always encouraging to listen to.

The based on real lives drama are a part of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, and they’re aptly called, Unshackled.

I haven’t listened to any of the shows regularly for a few years but I started listening to some this week as I was reminded of the show at church Wednesday night.  We had a special speaker, a Missionary and his wife, who have spent about 25 years traveling throughout the south east and preaching the gospel to prison inmates.

Brother Jim as he’s known as, came to salvation at a homeless mission in Florida.  He had been into drugs, alcohol and had been homeless on and off for much of his adult life, and it was catching up to him.  After accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and as he felt the call to go to Bible college to become a preacher, found that he had an warrant out for his arrest.  He informed his mentors that he was going to turn himself in, and that whatever happened after was God’s will.

He spent time in for drug possession and even there, with no training, and very limited knowledge of the Bible, spent his time alone, reading everything he could between the covers of that Word of God, and other inmates began to come to him and ask him to pray for themselves and family members.  Some of the stories would break one’s heart and he felt that was the place God was calling him to, even when he got out.  He has faithfully shared the Gospel and mercy of God ever since, and he and his wife have seen over 9000 prisoners come to a relationship in Jesus over the years.

His story was featured in one of the Unshackled episodes, and while I haven’t found it on you tube, I found a few others that are good.

First episode,

A brother is born for adversity according to an old proverb and the two brothers in the following story illustrate the truth of that saying. When the younger one broke with tradition the older one wanted to break his neck. This is the true story of Syeed and Kocka, two brothers from Kurdistan who were adversaries until their minds, and hearts and lives were unshackled

Second episode,

A former US Army Paratrooper with an honorable discharge, how did a man such as he go astray?  This is the true story of how he found the right way and became unshackled…

This is an open thread, and maybe just spend some time listening to these as you go about your day.  Have a blessed Saturday!

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